Ever wondered what your Parish Council is here to do? The Parish Council is made up of 7 members who all live either in Ashwellthorpe or Fundenhall, and represent the village on various matters. We are effectively the third tier of local government, the other two being Norfolk County Council and South Norfolk Council.

The Parish Council meet  nine times a year at 7.30pm usually on the third Tuesday of the month in Ashwelthorpe Village Hall or St Nicholas Church, Fundenhall.

The next  Parish Council meeting  will take place on  Tuesday 20th November  2018 at St Nicholas Church, Fundenhall

AGENDA November 2018.docx

The public is very welcome to attend and we encourage people to speak during the open forum which is part of each formal meeting.

Members of the public are welcome to audio or video record Parish Council meetings. Before doing so they should ask whether any members of the public object to having their faces recorded and should comply with any request not to do so. No oral commentary should be made on the proceeding, at the time of recording.

The Annual Parish Council meeting  takes place in May.  It is at this meeting that members of the parish council  elect the chair,  make other annual appointments and review their insurance, risk management policies, etc.

The Annual Meeting of the Parish also takes place in May prior to the Annual Parish Council meeting. It  is not a Parish Council meeting, rather it is an opportunity for the community to come together and report on matters of interest and progress over the past year.