Your Councillors

Councillors and their responsibilities

Jacqueline Ives – Chair(member of Planning Advisory Committee)
Tel:01508 481710

Nick De Spon – Vice Chairman(member of Planning Advisory Committee and Village Hall Committee)
Tel: 01508 488300

Ian Bishop(Accounts Inspector and Community Speed watch)
Tel: 01508 481932

Roy Burridge(member of Planning Advisory Committee)
Tel: 01508 489257

Barry Duffin
Tel: 07734261251

Chris Eastwood
Tel: 01508 488381

Jerry Franey (Footpath Officer)
Tel:01508 489689

Tina Higlett – Parish Clerk
Tel:01508 530733

District Councillor – Barry Duffin
Tel: 07734261251

County Councillor – Bev Spratt
Tel:01508 489746


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